As Southern Africa’s leading player in sulphuric acid and sulphur-based chemicals, Chemical Initiatives is able to differentiate its products to meet customer-specific needs, whether these extend to alum sulphate, oleum, sulphur dioxide, molten sulphur, plant nutrient elemental sulphur (PNES), sulphur and alum tri-hydrate, or to ammonia solutions, anhydrous ammonia, nitric acid, alum hydroxide, silver nitrate and caustic soda solutions. Chemical Initiatives also supply a range of specialties and locally manufactured surfactants into the Home and Personal Care Industries. Our manufacturing capabilities include the Sulphonation of LAB, Sulfation of Alcohol Ethoxylates, and conversion of Tertiary Amines, Alkanolamides as well as other liquid/liquid and liquid with solid blends.


CI's Chemical Management Services offering identifies the risks along the entire supply chain from security of supply, chemical procurement and transportation to storage, processing and disposal. As part of CI's Technical Services, new suppliers or customers receive the most cost-effective solutions on bulk commodities, as well as training on hazardous chemicals.