Chemical Initiatives' extensive range of technical services, together with its diverse product range, allows it to operate skillfully in a wide range of industries, including mineral processing, industry, paper, water, food and agriculture.

Minerals Beneficiation

Chemical Initiatives offers a wide range of chemicals and services to Africa's mining and minerals beneficiation sector, where its aim is to combine sales and logistics expertise with production and technical knowledge.

The company's services are aimed at identifying and minimising risks in clients' businesses, as far as procurement, transportation, storage and the processing of potentially hazardous chemicals are concerned.

Chemical Initiatives is also able to offer an innovative Build, Own and Operate package for the storage, offloading and processing of chemicals. This service removes the inconvenience inherent in non-core operations and allows clients in the mining sector to focus on core production and marketing functions.

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> Minerals Beneficiation Profile

Water Treatment

Chemical Initiatives currently supplies 98% sulphuric acid and aluminium sulphate to customers for their water treatment processes. As part of the company's service package, CI conducts annual inspections of clients' sulphuric acid storage facilities and identifies opportunities for customers to reduce chemical and water consumption and reduce effluent volumes.

The assessments can be tailored to focus on improvements in water efficiencies and water treatment regimes, the possibility of minimising chemical consumption and creating a zero effluent discharge, achieving tangible savings in annual operating costs and providing a turnkey solution via the innovative Build, Own and Operate package from Chemical Initiatives.

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> Water Treatment Profile


Chemical Initiatives products are used in a range of industrial markets, including the leather tanning industry, glass manufacture, sugar processing, chlor-alkali and explosives.

Chemical Initiatives products including sulphuric acid, sulphur dioxide, and aluminium sulphate find widespread application across many industrial sectors including pulp and paper, sugar refining, plate glass finishing, food and beverage, motor vehicle batteries and power generation.

Our service includes the supply of tailor-made products specific for the client's process and application. We produce and supply various grades of sulphuric acid to meet these requirements. Sulphuric acid is used for the regeneration of ion exchange resins in water treatment applications in many of these sectors. The efficient operation of lead acid batteries is critically dependent upon the quality the sulphuric acid supplied and we strive to meet all international standards in this regard through our quality control process from production through to storage and delivery of the product.

Sulphur dioxide is used as bleaching agent in the production of pulp and paper and sugar refining. It is also used as a preservative in the food and beverage industry, in particular the production of wine and fruit juices. A growing market for sulphur dioxide is as a stack gas conditioning agent for the removal of particulates for coal burning power stations.

Phosphoric and Polyphosphoric acids are used in the agriculture, anodising, automotive, biological treatment, coatings, detergents and cleaners, food and beverage, metal treatment, mining, petrochemical, pharmaceutical, sugar refining, yeast manufacture and water treatment industries.

At Chemical Initiatives we can also assist with all aspects of the design and maintenance of your product storage, offloading and downstream processing queries to ensure the safe handling of our products.